Sun, Steel & Spray

A history of the Victoria Falls Bridge
by Peter Roberts

"Sun, Steel & Spray - A history of the Victoria Falls Bridge", written by Peter Roberts and published by the Victoria Falls Bridge Company is now available to order online.

On this website you will find information on the book, the author and how to order your copy. You will also find a growing selection of extended features, high-lighting apsects of the bridge's history and building on information contained in the book.

If you have any information of historical interest on the Victoria Falls Bridge, or a family connection to someone who worked building the bridge, we would love to hear from you.

Order your copy today

Discover the background to the building of the bridge with the website 'To The Victoria Falls'

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Take a tour of the bridge with The Bridge Company - also visit the free bridge interpretation centre

Interested in specialist train tours of Zimbabwe? Visit Geoff's Trains - also a fine source of information on the Victoria Falls Bridge!

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